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aloe veraAloe Vera - Nature's Skincare Gel

Aloe Vera is famous for its beneficial effect to the skin. Great Egyptian beauties are said to have bathed in the juice derived from its pulp to keep their skin beautiful in spite of the harsh sun.  The plant looks like cactus. It has spiky succulent leaves growing from the base. It does not need too much water. It grows easily if left in the hot sun, well drained soil and watered occasionally.

Its gel is found within the leaf. to use, cut the leaf lengthwise and take out the clear colorless pulp, carefully avoiding the yellow liquid found near the surface of the leaf. The yellow liquid is aloin, which is irritating to the skin. Aloin has its uses as a laxative. It is used medicinally for its stimulating effect on bowels. It is also a skin irritant and is not suitable for skin care.  The clear colorless pulp from the center of the leaf is the aloe vera gel used for burns, skin care and even hair care.

Composition:  Aloe vera gel is very complex. It contains many components, including vitamins A, B, C and E, A multitude of minerals and enzymes. It is so complex, not all of its components have been identified yet.

Uses:  Aloe vera is an excellent remedy for burn, from cooking in the kitchen to sunburns. To use, apply liberally on the affected area. This should soothe the burn and facilitate healing.  For fairer skin, apply the gel on your skin daily.  It is a great moisturizer for oily skin as it is oil free and will not clog your pores.  It is said to be effective for acne if used daily over a period of several months.

Other uses: It can be used as a carrier for aromatherapy oils, for people who are adverse to using the usual carrier oils on their skin. I have tried it with lavender, Moroccan chamomile and rose. It works quite well when you add 1 drop of the essential oil to 1 teaspoon of the gel (I used aloe vera gels from health shops or pharmacies. Personally, I find that the best ones are those that are >99% pure organic aloe vera.)

According to Dr Atkins in his book "Dr Atkin's Vita-nutrient Solution" Aloe vera juice boosts a person's immune system.  A component of aloe vera, namely acemannan, is an approved veterinary treatment for feline leukemia, believed to be caused by a virus similar to HIV.  Acemannan improved the immunity of people with AIDS.   The effective daily dosage of acemannan for AIDS patients (to boost their immune system) is at least 800 mg. That is like drinking 3 pints of aloe vera juice a day.  Just imagine what it does for healthy person.

Chinese medicine considers aloe vera to be very yin. Excellent for detoxifying the body and preventing illness. Great for sore throats.  Aloe vera juice contains vitamins A, B, C and E, a multitude of minerals, and enzymes.  It is so complex, not all of its components have been identified yet.  It is a very nutritious supplement.

The antibiotic effect of aloe vera:  According to Dr Greg Henderson, as described in the book  Aloe Vera : Nature's Legendary Healer, "High quality aloe vera is still effective against such organisms as salmonella streptococci and staphylococci." "It can destroy the bacteria which cause peptic ulcers up to 92 per cent of the time"

Its antibiotic effect can be explained by what  it contains. Its contents include the antibiotics aloin and aloetic acid. Aloe emodin that is found in aloe vera is bactericidal. Cinnamic acid found in aloe vera is a germicide. Bradykinase, also found in aloe vera is an enzyme that stimulates the immune system. Acemannan, a mucopolysaccharide found in aloe vera stimulates macrophages to produce interferon and interleukin.

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Aloe Vera



Aloe Vera
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